End Of An Era: Pretty Little Liars Endgame (Major Spoilers!)

So finally it’s over! Pretty Little Liars has finished. We know what’s happened to the liars, how it all connects and most importantly, who A.D. is.

I found Pretty Little Liars on Netflix a couple of years ago and binge watched it. Since then I’ve been quite invested in it and its characters, although since the reveal of CeCe Drake as A, I’ve been very disappointed. As much as I enjoy the show and love theorising, I’ve often been let down by its nonsensical logic and badly planned plot lines.

Yesterday, the series finale aired, and we finally got all the answers. And I was …very disappointed. Wow. All I can say was wow.

Initially I had my own theories. I really wanted A.D. to be someone such as Jason, Ezra or Caleb, as they all would have worked so well. They would have had motivations, and it really would have felt like a betrayal which would make the reveal powerful and impactful. I wanted to be surprised and to feel betrayed! I was pretty sure though, that this wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t really want Spencer to have a twin, but it made sense, so I wasn’t that fussed when it was revealed. I was quite angry that she was A.D. Previously, the creator of the show, I. Marlene King hinted that A.D. would be someone who’s been around for a long time and is relevant. Alex Drake, Spencer’s twin, has been around since the beginning of the season, and realistically was not very relevant. She could have been replaced with any character and it still would have worked. There was also the surprise of another twin reveal. To me, Mary Drake’s introduction and role in the season felt forced and I felt that Alex’s existence further forced this and the little time she was given to show her motivations and backstory was too limited. As a result the finale felt rushed and did not make sense. And while I feel that Troian is an amazing actress, that accent was just, wow…

It wasn’t just the reveal that disappointed me, there was also a lot of stuff the other characters did that annoyed me. Hanna wants to help Mona recover since she partly started Mona’s mental break and Caleb is completely against this? Mona is never accepted by the girls but is left with a nonsensical ending which involves her having Alex and Mary in a French dollhouse?  Toby is raped again which conviently is forgotten, just it was like with Jenna. 

There was so much stuff unanswered. Why did Alex favour Aria and dislike Hanna so much? To me, I thought it would have made more sense if Alex was in love with Aria instead of Toby, as she favoured Aria and even kidnapped Ezra.  Why did Spencer’s friends not realise she was different a lot of the time? Even a horse realised before them! Why was Bethany so important? And I fully don’t understand why Alex tortured everyone and especially what Alison’s pregnancy had to do with anything?! Alison’s pregnancy was such a disgusting move made that was never really explained why, and I feel that was a terrible idea on the writers parts. 

There was a few bits I liked. Alex and Cece’s relationship seemed sincere, so at least there was that. Wren did turn out to be connected. There was a mention of the wine mums. I actually quite liked Jenna this episode. And Mona didn’t die! I mean, she ended the series completely caught in her mental illness but she isn’t dead… And in a way, I liked that Hanna and Aria had struggles other than A. It made it feel a bit more realistic. 

I feel like there’s still a lot to say about this finale and I’m certainly not done. I haven’t even touched on all the villains being women with mental illnesses, which is something that truly is upsetting to me.  I haven’t decided whether I’m going to write more blogs about this, or make a couple of YouTube videos or both, so please look out for that. In the meantime, please let me know how you felt about the finale. Did you like and enjoy it? Do you agree with me? I’d love to hear from you. 


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