Sunny Summer Days and Contented Kitties

Britain appears to be going through a heatwave at the moment and we all have mixed feelings about it here. Although the sun is lovely and the cats are spending so much time exploring the garden, the heat is causing all sorts of problems, from the cats being too overheated to my work laptop needing a fan in it just to run properly!

Einstein and Phoebe are really loving the early mornings and the evenings, as they’re able to explore the garden, run around and play without their fur weighing them down. During the middle part of the day they’re sleeping a  lot, although mainly in the conservatory as they still like to sleep in the sun! They seem to be really happy and affectionate at the moment, which means lots of playing with toys and ribbons in the evenings. With all the extra running around and playing, they also seem to be losing some weight, which is a plus!

During the late evenings the cats are brought in and sleep indoors. We do this as a matter of safety as we’re still wary due to a cat killer around our area and Einstein is the type of cat who does need a nighttime routine. Einstein used to a nightmare when we all went to bed and would keep us up for hours, but now that we’ve implemented a new routine he’s much better. We’re even able to play with him in the evenings and not be worried that he will be aggressive or destructive, which is where these funny pictures came from.

Both cats seem to really be coming into their own at the minute, even if Phoebe gets grumpy from being woken from her afternoon siestas! 


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