My UK Travel Bucket List

No one ever told me that travelling is like a drug! And while it’s fun to be planning all these exotic foreign holidays, sometimes it’s nice to explore your home turf. I also haven’t seen a lot of the UK, which is something I want to change soon. So here is my UK Travel Bucket List.

  • York-I looked at York for university and, although I ended up not applying, I’ve been dreaming of visiting that beautiful city. ever since As I work in Doncaster, I’m really hoping I can visit on a work trip soon.
  • Canterbury-I’ve been wanting to visit Canterbury since I studied the Canterbury Tales in sixth form. Ever since we joked about making a pilgrimage in class, and I then really moved there I’ve regretted not going. I’m hoping to change that soon!
  • Cambridge-I’ve been to Cambridge once and I loved it, even though I hardly got any time there. I’m hoping to go back in late November/early December for a weekend Christmas shopping and exploring.
  • Belfast-I’ve never been to Ireland, and the idea of exploring a new UK capital which is so different to London is really exciting to me.
  • Birmingham-I’ve been told great things about the Christmas markets! Birmingham has always seemed like an interesting city and with the UK’s extensive rail network there seems to be no reason not to go!
  • Manchester-It seems important now more than ever to experience this city. Manchester has always been described to me as a friendly, multicultural city and a real example of what Britain should be, and I’d like to experience it.
  • Bristol-Bristol is loud and bright and artsy and has been highly recommended!
  • Cardiff-I’ve been meaning to go to Cardiff for years! I’ve seen it in shows such as Torchwood and Doctor Who, and I want to have exciting adventures there too!
  • Glasgow-My cousin went to Glasgow late last year and she really enjoyed it. Glasgow and Edinburgh are also said to both be amazing cities and as I’m going to Edinburgh in August, it’s only fair to go to Glasgow!
  • Aberdeen-The more I learn and see pictures of Scotland the more I want to explore. I don’t know anything about Aberdeen, but I can’t wait to find out!
  • Glastonbury-I’m not talking about the festival! The town of Glastonbury has been linked to the myths surrounding King Arthur. I love mythology and would love to explore a country town with a mythological past.
  • Bath-I love learning about history, ancient history in particular, so Bath’s Roman Baths are a place I’d love to see. I also love Jane Austen’s books, so to explore that part of history as well would be fantastic.
  • Bournemouth-I don’t think I’ve ever been to Bournemouth? And who doesn’t love a good beach holiday!
  • Hadrian’s Wall-Hadrian’s Wall is such an important part of UK history and I want to see it at least once.
  • Giant’s Causeway-This natural wonder always looks stunning in pictures, and I really want to experience it myself.

These are just the places I can think of off of the top of my head! I’m already making plans to see some of these places and I’m excited to add to this list. I can’t wait to see more of this country,


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