MCM Expo 2017

On 28th May I took my fourth trip to MCM Expo in London. I hardly took any pictures but I have vlogged my trip twice before.

Initially I didn’t want to go to MCM. I’d been three times before and most of my usual group were not going. I was also very concerned due to the fact that it was a Saturday and it was the weekend after the Manchester terror attack. However, I had a good time. The staff were amazing and so helpful, and the fact that security was very visibly increased was very reassuring.

MCM is always quite a surreal and quirky experience; there was all kinds of stalls were you could buy things and talk to creators, and watching people cosplay and experience this is amazing. People are really passionate about their fandoms and this is evident in their costumes. I even met a Commander Meouch cosplayer this year!

While lots of people go to see panels or get celebrity pictures, a lot of people go to buy merchandise, which is usually what I end up doing. For such a big event, you could end up spending a lot of money, so it’s wise to budget and take your money in cash. This year I bought a couple of posters, a children’s book rewriting Roman history from the perspective of cats and a surprise mystery TV and film bundle. There’s such a range of things there that it’s worth exploring if you want some nerdy things or to buy presents.

While I was there I also met one of my favourite youtubers, Daniel J. Layton. He was so lovely and signed posters for me and my sister, even putting a little good luck message on my sister’s as big things are happening for her soon! Meeting him was easily one of the highlights of my day.


MCM Expo this year was really good and I’m glad I went. I’m kind of tempted to go to the London Film and Comic Con in July as well! If you love film, anime and comics, I would definitely recommend going to these types of events as they’re really fun.


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