The Expected Sundance Post

I didn’t go to Sundance.

The UK has had multiple terror attacks in just a few months and it’s horrific and scary. The public have really come together and the emergency services and NHS have been amazing.

What came across is that the public are not afraid and we will carry on with our lives, but yesterday, I just couldn’t do it. I needed some time to process what had happened, and grieve and recover. It’s okay to need to take some time to recover, even if you didn’t know someone who was personally affected. This is our home, and people are attacking it.

People react to events in different ways, and considering there have been so many events recently, it’s not surprising there are so many different reactions. Yes. a good reaction is to carry on with planned events, however, it is also a legitimate reaction to need to take a step back for a day or two. The best way we can fight terrorism is if we all take care of each other and therefore become stronger.

Honestly, for me, the right decision was not to go. I was so terrified and anxious that if I went, I either would have had a severe panic attack or I would have got stuck somewhere. Sometimes it’s okay to take some time to recover mentally as long as you still try and carry on.


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