A Massive Win! Writing Update #9

I am so excited to be writing this post because… I’ve finally finished Iris!

Well, it’s as finished as I think it’ll ever be. If I decide to enter it in competitions it’ll have another edit as it’s still quite descriptive and full of my style. That being said, Iris is such a personal project that I don’t think I would sell it or enter it into a competition. I may decide to do something like that in a few years, but I feel that right now, I’m more likely to make it than sell it. Although if that happens it will not be happening for some time!

I’m really happy with it. It was originally developed as a 20 minute short in a small Parisian cafe in May 2015, and now it’s a 75 page long feature script! It’s really developed and changed, just like an actual iris, and it is much better for being a feature.

Next project: finishing the Untitled Parisian Project! It really needs a better name…



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