Wanderlust, Travel and Personal Growth

Wanderlust is one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever gone through because it’s the only thing that’s happened to me that’s grown exponentially since I’ve started travelling.  I was never really fussed about travelling before my trip to Paris: I had had family holidays around England and France, but I had never really been very ‘into’ travelling. I did see what everyone was going on about, and I’d much rather be at home, and I was happy with that.

My friend asked me to go to Paris with her and I accepted without really thinking about it. I thought it would probably be fun, I worried about her as a lone female traveller and thought it best she wasn’t alone but honestly,  I think I really just wanted an escape from my life. This was the worst period of my life, and if I could just escape from that, just for a little while…But even though I’m better now, I’m still running. I’m not sure I’ll ever stop.

I think I’ve been chasing that high of escapism ever since. There’s a beauty in everywhere you travel: Paris, the city of lights and love and dreams, Orlando, the adrenaline filled adventure capital of the world and Bruges, the beautiful medieval town tucked away in the countryside of Belgium. Everywhere’s a new place to escape to and learn new stories, tell new stories, even. But it also allows us to grow. I’m definitely a stronger, better person than I was when I started. I’m evolving and becoming better, and travel is helping me do that.

So I want to know, am I alone in this? Why do you want to travel? What inspires your wanderlust?


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