Review: The Addams Family at New Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon

On Saturday 20th May I was able to attend the matinee performance of the Addams Family at the New Wimbledon Theatre in Wimbledon. The Addams Family Musical is the story of what happens when Wednesday falls in love with a ‘normal’ boy and invites him and his family over for dinner. This production is part of a UK tour.

This production was kind of what I expected; it was funny, silly and kooky.  Overall I thought everything went well. The smoke and lighting effects that were used gave the performance a certain ambience needed for this Gothic comedy, and the set pieces worked really well. The costumes all worked as they looked like the traditional Addams family costumes but were slightly updated. I also loved the costumes and theming of the Addams ancestors as they were all recognisable for the character they portrayed, but all fit with the darkness of the piece.

The slight issue I had with the production was the performance of some of the actors. Mainly, I thought they were great. Cameron Blakely, who plays Gomez, especially stood out as being hilarious, but also showing a very emotional side of the character.  Grant McIntyre was also great as Pugsley, and stood out in his smaller role. However, I was not impressed with Samantha Womack, who plays Morticia. I did not find her as convincing or captivating as the other actors, although I felt this hardly impacted the performance.

I enjoyed this production a lot. I thought everything was well done, the music was good and the actors were great, even though I wasn’t convinced by a couple of them. Therefore, I give the Addams Family Musical four stars.


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