Review: Priscilla: Queen of the Desert at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley

I was lucky enough to be able to see Priscilla: Queen of the Desert on opening night (16th May 2017) at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley. The musical follows a drag queen named Tick/Mitzi, who on a search to meet his long-lost son, goes on an adventure in the Australian desert with Felicia,m another drag queen and Bernadette, a transgender woman.  The production was put on by the West Wickham Operatic Society who I’ve previously seen perform in Legally Blonde.

This production was fantastic and very well cast. This was obviously a musical that the cast were very passionate and excited about, and it showed in their performance. I felt that the main roles were very well cast but the stand out performer to me was Adrian Smith as Bernadette. He was able to portray how emotional the character is, whilst also emphasising her wit and passion.

The production design of this musical fit so well and I was really impressed at the quality to which everything was made. I loved the details of all the costumes, including the chorus line’s, which I’ve seen suffer before in small productions.  I also thought the larger costumes were also well designed and executed. I did see a couple of stumbles due to the shoes and some of the headpieces move, but it was not very distracting overall. The set pieces I also thought were well constructed, in particular Priscilla herself. Although I was slightly disappointed she did not end up bright pink, I loved the addition of the lights to the outside, and felt this worked really well.

The score was amazing and I felt all of the performers did really well. Some of the numbers were down right bizarre but everyone was so confident in their performance and obviously enjoyed performing so much that it was a pleasure to watch, and I know many people from a range of generations loved this.

I felt that this was a glittery, colourful fun experience and I loved every minute of it. I would highly recommend this musical and I will happily watch the West Wickham Operatic Society in future productions. I would award this production 5 stars.


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