Six Month Cat Adoption Update

We’ve had Phoebe and Einstein for over six months now! Here’s a little post to update you on how they are.

Both cats are doing quite well, they feel comfortable sleeping anywhere around the house, although Phoebe always puts herself in her cat box when we go up to bed. Einstein sleeps wherever he wants, although thankfully not inside my bed anymore.

She always looks so exhausted in the evenings-it’s tiring sleeping all the time!
He thinks he’s a surfer…

They’ve been loving the garden and exploring! They do have a little habit of eating plants, and we can’t work out why, we think maybe they like the texture of the plants? Phoebe is definitely the explorer of the family; she likes to get onto our conservatory roof and go into our neighbour’s garden. She has gotten into a territory fight with a neighbouring cat but fortunately she wasn’t hurt and seems to have learnt her lesson about going into other cat’s territories. Einstein is still very timid when it comes to adventuring, but he loves the garden.


Everything the light touches…

Affection wise, they’ve definitely settled in. Einstein has always been affectionate so we’ve really been trying to work on his odd behaviours. He exhibits a lot of behaviours we’ve never seen before and we think are due to stress. In addition to this, the back of his legs were nearly bald at adoption due to overgrooming, and now it’s grown back! We’re working on trying to help him, but it’s slow.

Phoebe has always been aloof, but recently she’s started enjoying being brushed, approaching us for attention and tolerating cuddles. It’s taking a long time, but she’s finally warming up to us.

Had to put them out with me while we moved some furniture, and they formed a queue to leave!
She lays like this literally all the time.


Desperate to try the exercise bike!

I can’t believe we’ve already had Phoebe and Einstein for six months! I can’t wait to see what adventures we have next!




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