7 Reasons to Visit Winchester, UK

Winchester is one of my favourite places in the world. It’s my university city and I have had the best times there. It’s such an amazing city that you should visit if you have the chance, and here are some reasons why!

It’s beautiful.
Winchester is absolutely picturesque and as a result, has been used in filming for films and television schools. And it’s easy to see why! Winchester is lovely in all seasons, if a bit hilly, and there are so many nice walks that you can take around the area.

It has a great location.
Winchester is about two hours outside of London, which makes for a perfect day trip from the City. Winchester is also close to other major city centres and places to visit, such as Southampton, Bournemouth and the New Forest.

There’s such a variety of things to do.
As an, albeit small, city centre, Winchester has a large array of things to do. Not only is there a large high street and shopping centre, but there’s also a city museum, a city mill, ruins of an ancient castle…And this is even without mentioning the Great Hall with King Arthur’s Round Table! Just slightly outside of Winchester itself is Marwell Zoo as well, so there’s a lot for you to do!

There’s a whole range of independent traders.
Winchester does have many high street shops but also a strong independent retail presence. There are multiple markets a  week, all with independent retailers, as well as a county-wide farmer’s market twice a month. There are so many great places to check out-one of my favourites is Chococo, a hot chocolate cafe!

It has it’s own festivals!
The Hat Fair is a creative festival in the first weekend of July. It’s a street arts festival and takes place all over the city, and it’s absolutely free! It’s so fun, and there’s something for everyone!

It can easily be explored in a day.
Winchester is probably the smallest city in the UK and is perfect for a day trip. Due to it’s small size, it can easily be walked around in a day, even if you decide to see lots of attractions!

There’s so much history!
Winchester is the original capital city of England, and you can find out all about Winchester’s history in multiple attractions, such as the City Museum or the Great Hall.  There’s also a huge cathedral with amazing volunteers who know so much and are so happy to tell you anything about the building. You can even explore the Cathedral tower! If you like history, you’ll love Winchester!

So here’s my 7 reasons why you should visit Winchester!


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