How To Plan A Cheap(ish) Holiday

During my time at University I went on my first holiday without my parents. I went to Paris with a really good friend, and I was shocked at how expensive it was. Since then I’ve been bitten by the travel bug, and am always trying to maximise experiences while minimising the budget! Recently, I went to Bruges which set me back about £500, which I will use as an example against my Parisian holiday. Here’s some tips on how to plan a cheapish holiday!

Consider how long you want to stay there.
My friend Ivy and I went to Paris for 12 days, and while it was great and we saw a lot of Paris, it realistically was too long. We also stayed in a hostel, which saved us a lot of money but still cost a lot for two students on a budget! This time, when I planned my Bruges trip, I decided to go for a shorter amount of time due to looking at the types of attractions in the area. Staying for a shorter amount of time meant I would save money.

Look for deals.
Ivy and I didn’t do this at all with our Parisian trip, but as I’ve said before, I only went to Bruges because of an epic deal! I waited until Eurostar had a sale to book my tickets to Bruges, so I only spent £65 on travel instead of hundreds of pounds. I also used Secret Escapes to book a hotel. It still cost me more than if I picked a hostel or a lower starred hotel, but using sites such as Secret Escapes can help you find a more luxurious place to stay while saving money.

Plan out a budget.
Ivy and I didn’t really have a budget when we booked Paris, and we ended up spending a lot between the two of us which left us eating toast and instant noodles for months! When planning Bruges, I gave myself an upper limit of how much I was prepared to spend on a holiday and worked backwards from there, which really took anyway any anxiety regarding money.

Take advantage of deals and freebies.
This tip could just apply to life! My family don’t travel extensively, so we have certain things that we share and use when someone goes out of the country, which meant I didn’t have to buy any travel adaptors or wash bags or things like that. Another great thing is that my hotel also gave me a discount card, so I saved quite a bit of money in certain attractions and shops around the town. I was even able to go to another attraction with all the money I saved! Borrowing things you need from friends and family members and utilising discounts can really help you save a lot of money to be re-purposed.

So here’s my tips for having a cheap-ish holiday! I hope they help you when you plan your next big adventure!


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