Travelling with Anxiety

One of the biggest issues I had when deciding to start travelling was my anxiety disorder. I was worried that my severe anxiety would hold me back, or spoil my experiences. However, after my last two trips, I am starting to feel more confident in my travelling, and here’s what I’ve learnt.

Try and reduce your anxiety in any way you can.
For me, I need to check everything. I check my tickets multiple times to make sure the times are correct, I double check my bookings and I usually leave with plenty of time to spare to make sure I can get there. Double checking plans can reduce anxiety and help you avoid surprises.

If something does not happen according to plan, attempt to embrace it rather than panic.
Sometimes things happen. Things are cancelled, or the weather changes suddenly, or things fall through. We can’t always help them and it is really important that you try and accept these changes. My friend Ivy and I had booked multiple tours and experiences while we were in Paris, and two of them were cancelled without us being told. While it threw us, as we were in parts of the city we didn’t know, we still managed to have a good time and explore that area of Paris. Sometimes things fall through, but you might even have a better time!

Bring along something that comforts you.
I’m a great believer in having a comforting item with you to help with anxiety or a panic attack. It may be a bit childish but I think it works! I usually take a small toy, such as a Tsum Tsum in my bag, but for international journeys I usually take Bryan, my toy gorilla. You might decide to take a favourite book or music, but I think having something familiar and comforting in an unfamiliar situation can really help calm feelings of anxiety.

So here’s my tips for travelling with an anxiety disorder. I hope this helps you, and that you have amazing adventures!


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