Creepy Travels – Winchester

Hampshire is known for being haunted, and the former capital city Winchester has a long and chequered history…Here’s a few places you can visit to get a sense of this spooky city!

The Buttercross
The Buttercross in the Market Square originally was there to mark the centre of the city in medieval times, however, Winchester’s buttercross is meant to be cursed by a witch! The curse, however, is that if you sit on the buttercross, you’ll return to Winchester, which isn’t that bad!

Eclipse Inn
In 1865, Lady Alice Lisle was executed for harbouring fugitives after the Monmouth Rebellion. She was the last lady to be beheaded in England, and she was beheaded at the Eclipse Inn in the market square. Some say she still haunts the pub…

Cathedral Close
Behind the Cathedral is a beautiful little space, which is said to be the last resting place of the Limping Monk. If you wait for him at night you may see him limping across the courtyard!

Not only is the Cathedral a magnificent building with it’s own intricate history, but it’s also the resting place of many important historical figures, such as Jane Austen, St Swithun and William Walker, who also has a nearby pub named after him!

Saxon Graves
Just around from the Guildhall there are some preserved Saxon graves in the site of an Anglo-Saxon church. OIne of the graves is thought to be of Ethelburga, a Saxon princess. Such well preserved graves are difficult to find, and are definitely worth a look.

If you decide to walk to the University, you’ll walk through a small graveyard. This is a small, peaceful, medieval place with a World War One memorial. This is truly a place where you can feel at peace while satisfying any creepy curiosity.

While Winchester is a lovely place, it’s also a spooky place, and I hope you have fun exploring!


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