Wincon 2017

Last Saturday I returned to my university town to participate in Wincon, Winchester’s first comic con. During my time at university, I was an active member of the Comic Book Society, and I even helped run it, so I was desperate to go! The day was really great, and I’m so happy I decided to go.

The event took place in the Discovery Centre, which is the Library. I thought this was the perfect place as it was a community building, which is accessible to all and encouraged children to read and explore while at the Event. Wincon was open to all, at a price of £7.50 per person for the day. With so much on offer, I thought this was a good price. They even sold out of presale tickets a few days before the event! I was expecting the convention to be in a room at the back, but it took over the whole library! There was an anime watching section near the cafe, video games were set up, the guys from Games Workshop were set up playing Warhammer in the front room, and there was even a ‘secret’ dealers room! There was a squid, I don’t know what else to say about that.

There was a whole range of activities, such as dressing up, playing games such as Magic the Gathering and Warhammer, to video gaming and meet and greets. There was also a series of talks which I decided not to take part in. Chris Rankin who played Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter series was one of the guests and it was so nice to meet him as he was lovely. I spoke to most of the vendors as well. There was so much talent in that room and everyone was so inspirational. I had so many great comic and film related conversations and met a load of great people. One of the great things about smaller cons as well is the fact that so much independent talent is exhibited. I bought so many comics and notebooks and pieces of art and I wished I could have bought so much more!

The biggest problem I had was nothing to do with the event, but instead to do with travel! I went by train, a usually two hour journey consisting of a tram and two trains either way, but that day it was closer to a three hour journey each way consisting of a tram, three trains and a rail replacement bus. Luckily for me, Wincon was worth it.

The day was great and I would highly recommend going. I can’t wait for the next one!


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