6 Reasons to go to Disneyland Paris

Today I’m going to talk to you about Disneyland Paris and why you may pick this park for your next Disney adventure.

s2830030It has its own unique identity. 
The reason I love Disneyland Paris so much is that it feels so very quintessentially European. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was designed using castles such as Neuschwanstein Castle and the tale is displayed in it’s original language in the castle. Most, if not all, of the staff are multilingual, and you are reminded you are in France the entire time, especially due to the Ratatouille section in Walt Disney Studios. Disneyland Paris is also considered to have the best Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which goes through the Blue Lagoon restaurant, and there’s even a dragon under the castle!


It’s easy to get to.
I know I keep harping on about the Eurostar but there’s a train from London to right outside the Park which only takes a couple of hours! You can also get a transfer from certain airports to the park and back. Or you could drive, there’s loads of parking!


It’s close.
Disneyland Paris is around four hours away from London, 1 hour by plane, and is the only Disney park in Europe. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Paris, and not only have I found the journey much more enjoyable, but also a lot cheaper-great for a joint Christmas/birthday/very belated end of uni celebration! Disneyland Paris is the perfect park for when you want a little bit of Disney magic but don’t want to spend hours and hours on a plane.


It’s small enough that you could theoretically do it in a weekend.
My sister and I went for 3 days over New Year, and we circled the Parks many times! There are only two Parks, which are smaller than the American parks, so you won’t need nearly as much time as you would for Walt Disney World. The smaller size of the Parks makes it perfect for a short, quick Disney break!


It’s so close to Paris!
If you were already planning a trip to Paris, you could easily spend a day at Disneyland Paris. The train station is literally right outside the Park and Disney Village, and parking is very close by. It costs less than 10 euros for the train ticket and the journey is between half an hour to an hour. I’ve heard of people using this way to visit Disneyland Paris so they can either avoid going through extra immigration at St Pancras, or so they can spend the rest of their trip in Paris itself, and I must say, that sounds like a perfect city break.


It truly is magical.
Although I’ve heard many people say Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth, there is no doubt that Disneyland Paris has a unique charm of it’s own, and a special reputation as the only European park. When you walk through the gates, there’s no doubt that you’re in a very special place.


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