Exploring in the Sunshine (Caturday)

Today I thought I’d update you on the ever lovely Phoebe and Einstein.


March is bringing lots of sunshine, so the cats have been exploring the garden a lot more. Phoebe has plucked up the courage to explore other gardens as well, mainly our next door neighbour’s! Fortunately our neighbour loves her, so this isn’t a problem, but sometimes she gets stuck on walls and needs help getting down! We also wouldn’t be surprised if Einstein also starts exploring other people’s gardens soon…

Last month I bought a large suitcase to prepare for my two ‘big’ trips hopefully happening this year. As soon as I opened the box to check the suitcase the cats claimed it! It took us ages to get rid of it because they had so much fun with it. Maybe one day they’ll forgive me for getting rid of it?


Lastly, as always, Phoebe still doesn’t appreciate me as a scriptwriter.


I’ll update you with more photos of these adorable cats soon!


One Reply to “Exploring in the Sunshine (Caturday)”

  1. Phoebe and Einstein – great names! Thanks for sharing! We have just rescued three siblings, Ziggy (tabby) and his two black sisters (Nera and Ebony). They are in hiding at the moment! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and this week’s poems are all about cats in case you have time to read? Have a good day, Sam 🙂


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