6 Reasons to Visit Bruges, Belgium

So I recently went to Bruges, and I loved it so much I wanted to share some reasons why you should also visit Bruges!


It’s very safe.
The only reason my family were happy-ish about this solo trip was due to the safety of Bruges. Obviously you should always be careful when you travel, and take safety precautions such as never putting yourself in danger, however, I did not have any safety concerns in Bruges. The locals were all very friendly and helpful, and most people speak multiple languages. There are also two main tourist centres, one at the train station as you leave the platforms and one in the centre of town, so there is always someone who can help you if needed.


It’s really beautiful.


Isn’t it?!

Bruges was one of the most lovely places I went to, and everywhere was beautiful! Everywhere is so pretty and rural, and it’s great if you need a short rural retreat.

It’s good to explore for solo travellers as well as couples or families.
I went to Bruges alone, and everyone I knew who had previously been to Bruges had been part of a couple. Naturally, due to this, I had this really romantic idea of Bruges, and thought I may feel left out or sad because of this. However, I did not have any issues as a solo traveller, not even in restaurants. If anything, my being a solo traveller just meant that the waiters would check in on me more to check if I wanted anything! Even though there are romantic places in Bruges, such as the Lake of Love, these places are accessible for everyone, and worth exploring.S2860076

There is a diverse range of things to do.
What I loved so much about Bruges is that there’s so much to do! In my first full day alone I went to the Chocolate museum, the Fritemuseum, the Torture Museum and the Beer Experience. There is so much to do, especially in the range of museums, although there are also churches you can visit. You can also do multiple tours! I did a horse and carriage tour and a boat tour, but there are walking tours, photo tours, tours at night, a tour by bus… There really is something for everyone, whether you like history, art, architecture or small, quirky museums!


It’s (somewhat) easy to get to.
I decided to go to Bruges because of the Eurostar sale, which I’ve spoken about before, and I partly chose Bruges because it’s easy to get to. I got on the Eurostar in London to Brussels-Midi/Zuid, where I changed onto a local train which took me to Bruges in an hour. This was easy, took a few hours and wasn’t very stressful. The Eurostar also stops to let people on at Ebbsfleet International in Kent, and in Lille, which may help if you do not fancy initially travelling to London. I would really recommend doing this way as there is help the entire way, at both train stations which helped alleviate stress.

There are other ways you could travel to Bruges. The easiest way from the UK would probably be to drive through the Channel Tunnel to Calais and then drive through France to Belgium. Going by ferry is also an option although this is more difficult; you would have to take a ferry to Calais or the Hook of Holland and carry on your journey by train.


Everything is walkable.
Bruges is so small, you could easily explore it on foot. The main centre of Bruges doesn’t take long to walk around, maybe an hour or two, but you could easily spend a day exploring the larger residential areas. Just be warned, most of Bruges is cobbled, so wear comfortable shoes!


So these’s my 6 reasons to visit Bruges! I hoped you liked this post and are inspired to visit Bruges!



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