Bruges: A Summary

I’ve just returned from Bruges and I really enjoyed it.

I decided to go to Bruges on a whim really. The Eurostar had a sale on, and after returning from Disneyland Paris I had a real urge to travel again, soon. I found out about this sale, in which I could get tickets to Paris, Lille, Brussels or Bruges for £26 each way and it seemed like a sign. Although I wanted to go to Paris again, I decided to explore a new place and decided on Bruges due to multiple recommendations. Bruges was also a special place for my grandparents, and as I’ve really been missing my late grandad recently, it seemed like Bruges was calling me.

After getting a deal on my train tickets, I went from Secret Escapes to get a discount on a posh hotel room, which is how I booked Floris Karos Hotel. This hotel was amazing; the room was lovely and really large, the staff were amazing, even when I kept ducking in and out and the bathroom had underfloor heating! It was also about a 10/15 minute walk from both the town centre and the train station, which was really convenient. The Floris Karos hotel was such a great place to stay and I would definitely recommend it.

I did so much while I was there! I got to Bruges at 4pm on Friday and checked into my hotel before going for a walk. I was amazed how how beautiful Bruges was, even just on residential streets. I wanted to try Belgian cuisine while in Belgium, so I had Moules Frites for dinner. I’m still not sure what I think about it!

On Saturday, I got up and out early, only to discover nothing opened until 10! After my early walk, I went to the Choco-Story Museum and the Fritemuseum, museums specialising in chocolate and chips/fries! I really enjoyed the uniqueness and quirkyness of these museums, and I’m glad I did them. I even got to watch a chocolate demonstration and got discounted fries! After lunch, I went to the Torture museum before doing a boat tour. The boat tour was lovely and informative, and now I understand why Bruges is nicknamed the Little Venice of the North!

After the boat tour, I went shopping for presents, and dropped everything at my hotel before going to the Bruges Beer Experience. I’m not really a beer drinker, but when in Belgium! The museum is based around iPads and interactivity which is a good idea, but I had some technical issues. I also tried three Belgian Beers. As I came out of the Biermuseum I caught the end of Carnival! I didn’t know it was happening, and although I wished I’d seen all of it, it was great to experience some of it. I was finding confetti in my hair all evening!

Sunday was my last full day in Bruges, and I started the day with doing a horse and carriage tour, which I loved and would highly reccommend. I also got to see a lot of Bruges I hadn’t explored, which I walked to later. I explored the Beguinage and the Lake of Love before getting fries at the green fry trucks in the Markt. I then decided to see Michaelangelo’s Madonna and Child at the Church of Our Lady which I can’t really describe; it was remarkable. After that experience, I managed to get lost and wandered around south Bruges for an hour or so before seeing the Stadhuis and Brugse Vrije. After exploring those museums, which were interesting but very small, I ran back to the hotel to pack for my journey back on Monday before dinner.

Bruges was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I went. It was my first solo trip and it went really well! I had a few panicky moments but I proved to myself that I could travel alone and sort situations when they came up.

I will be posting a video of my time in Bruges on my youtube channel soon and full reviews of places I visited (restaurants, attractions and tours) on Trip Advisor, however, I may post some reviews here as well.


Museums Visited: 7 (Choco-Story, Frietmuseum, Torture Museum, Bruges Beer Experience, Beguinage, The Stadhis/Town Hall and Brugse Vrije/Palace of Justice.)

Experiences: 4 (Boat Tour, Horse and Carriage Tour, seeing Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child, and Carnival!

Belgian Cuisine Tried: 6 (Moules Frites, Waffles, Chocolate, Fries, Flemish Beef Stew, Flemish Fish Pan




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