Staying Entertained when Travelling

One thing I have a massive issue with when travelling is entertainment. I find the actual act of travelling quite difficult, as I get antsy and anxious. Here’s my travelling entertainment plan for my next trip.

Podcasts. Podcasts can be great for travelling as you just have to listen, so you can do other things, such as eat, while listening. There are so many good podcasts out there, you can easily find topics you’re interested in and binge. Here’s a list of my favourite podcasts to inspire you.

Books. Books can be great for travel, as you can transport yourself into a different world. I read two books on the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris and it really helped me. However, books sometimes might not be the best for travel on trains, for example, because some people struggle to read on trains and the weight of the book may be an issue. However, e-readers can be great for this.

Music. I love listening to new music when travelling. I purposely buy at least one new album before a trip so I’m not bored. Like podcasts, you can listen to music and do other things, and music can also be very smoothing for any anxious feelings you may be having.

Writing. I usually write while travelling. I write scripts, stories, blog posts, lists, everything! On my way back from Disneyland my sister and I wrote up a travel diary so we could remember everything from our trip. This is a great way to distract yourself and also release some creativity. Alternatively, you could take colouring books, or make art, but writing is what makes me feel comfortable.

I hope reading this post has given you some ideas on how to occupy and entertain yourself on your next trip!


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