Life To Do Lists

It’s weird how Bucket Lists, or Life to Do Lists as I like to call them, change over time. When I was 20, I wrote my first one, that looks like this.

Life To Do List February 2015 (age 20)

  • Visit Paris (COMPLETED 8/5-20/5/15)
  • Visit Florida (COMPLETED -23/7-8/8 2015)
  • Visit Copenhagen, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Barcelona
  • Go on a plane (23/7/15)
  • Stay in a posh hotel (29/12/16) Disney counts as posh,  right?
  • Visit Walt Disney World (COMPLETED 23/7-8/8/15)
  • Visit Universal Studios (COMPLETED 23/7-8/8/15)
  • Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (COMPLETED 23/7-8/8/15)
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Go to a stand up comedy gig (COMPLETED-15TH March 2014)
  • Go to a Pentatonix concert (COMPLETED-24th April 2014, 30th April 2015)
  • See Rocky Horror in theatre (COMPLETED-29th May 2013)
  • Meet Pentatonix (COMPLETED-30th April 2015
  • Watch Shakespeare at the Globe
  • Start a vlog (COMPLETED-May 2014)
  • Be in a flashmob (COMPLETED-13TH July 2013)
  • Write a script in a year (COMPLETED-2013)
  • Take crazy photos in a photobooth
  • Write a book (July-Sep 2015)
  • Do a degree/graduate (October 2016)
  • Do a Masters
  • Get a tattoo
  • Be a bridesmaid
  • Create a home I love
  • Create my own little library

As you can see, these were somewhat basic and sometimes time sensitive; I was already mid-degree when this was written and a lot of these are completed. Two years later, my bucket list isn’t much different. Some of the goals are even the same!

(I’ve left our my travel bucket list as that’s a whole other post!)

Life to Do List February 2017

  • Do a Masters
  • Be a bridesmaid
  • Create a home I love
  • Create my own little library (Well, technically if you see the amount of books I have you could argue this is already finished, except I mean I would like a proper library/cinema room in my house
  • Watch Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre
  • Feel confident while travelling, solo or otherwise
  • Help produce a film
  • See my scripts made into films
  • Be happy.
  • Be creative
  • Find a job I love

What’s on your life to do list?

(And also, would anyone be interested in read that script I wrote in 2013?)


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