That Time I Was In London All The Time

This week has been manic!

In November I got an email from Get Into London Theatre. It’s a scheme to encourage people to go to London theatre shows, and many of the big shows are part of it. Tickets range from about £15-£50, and while they aren’t the best seats in the theatre, there is a large range of good seats. In December I had booked two shows, one of me and my sister to go and one of me to go to alone. It wasn’t until the tickets arrived for them that I realised that I booked them for the same week.

On Saturday 4th, I had my first show. I took my little sister to see Wicked. I first saw this in 2007 for my birthday, however, I was ill with the flu. I remember loving it, and when the opportunity came up to see it again, I jumped at the chance. The show was just as wonderful as I remembered and we got quite good seats for £40 each! My sister who hasn’t seen it before loved it, particularly for the dragon set piece!

On Monday 6th, I went to the BFI Southbank for a screening of Prevenge and a Q&A with the writer/director/star Alice Lowe. Prevenge was dark and funny and Alice Lowe was capitvating. I especially enjoyed the Q&A because I found her very inspiring and I couldn’t imagine how she had made the film so quickly while being heavily pregnant! I will definitely look out for more of her work in the future.

On Wednesday 8th, I had my second show to go to: The Lion King. This was the show I went to alone, and I was so excited to see it because the Lion King is one of my all time favourite films; I love everything about it, the imagery, the score. My ticket was £40, and I had a seat at the back of the theatre but I could see everything really well. The Lion King was everything I was hoping and more, and I’m considering going back soon with my mum.

I had my last event on Saturday 11th, and it was a screening of O.J: Made in America at Picturehouse Central with a Q&A with Ezra Edelman and Caroline Waterlow after. The film was nearly 8 hours long, and we had two intermissions. I found it, and the Q&A very informative. I didn’t know nearly anything about O.J, or the political/legal situation at the time and I learnt a lot. I was also very impressed with Picturehouse Central. The cinema screen itself was fantastic, and every cinema should have amazingly comfortable sofa seats. Their cafe was also great and I got a main meal for £5.50, which was tasty. I can’t wait to go back there.

All in all, it was a very busy, but culturally rich week. I was exhausted by the end! I enjoyed all these events very much and hope to do more like them in the future.


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