My Favourite Podcasts

I decided to share some of my favourite podcasts to listen to. I listen to podcasts quite a lot, as I work from home, and have some very diverse interests. I hope that maybe you find these podcasts as interesting as I do.

  1. My Favourite Murder. My Favourite Murder is easily my favourite podcast, and I have listened to all the episodes a couple times over. Hosted by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, this podcast explores two interesting or slightly different murders each week, sometimes with themes. Listeners are also encouraged to share murders from their hometowns, either by sending them in to be read by Karen and Georgia, or on the podcast’s very popular Facebook group. Due to the nature of the podcast, it can be distressing but Karen and Georgia are hilarious hosts who remind you to stay sexy and don’t get murdered!
  2. Horroretc. Horroretc was my first foray into the world of podcasts, which I found back in 2010. It’s hosted by Ted and Tony (and sometimes Doug), and each week they discuss a topic of the week surrounding horror films, whether it be a subgenre, director or series. This podcast is so funny but unfortunately it’s now considered dead, although its back catalogue can still be found on iTunes.
  3. Last Podcast on The Left. LPOTL is a podcast that revolves around horror, be it true crime, demonology, MK Ultra or other horrific things. I like the range of topics this podcast offers, and the high energy, however, I feel that it can sometimes be overwhelming.
  4. Direct. Direct is a movie podcast which revolves around a director’s filmography.  A director is selected and a series of podcasts are made; one for each individual film the director has made and an prologue and epilogue. I enjoy this style of podcast as I enjoy hearing other people’s in depth analysis and opinions. So far they’ve talked about lots of directors including David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, and most recently Wes Anderson.
  5. Taking This One To The Grave: Bustle’s Pretty Little Liars Podcast. Early in 2015, I got really into Pretty Little Liars, and as I didn’t know anyone else who watched it at the time. Whilst scrolling around on iTunes, I found this podcast and really enjoyed it. The hosts are really funny and I really enjoy hearing their opinions about where the plots going.
  6. Criminal. Criminal is hosted by Phoebe Judge, and is a true crime podcast talking about all different crimes. Every episode is around 20 minutes long, so it’s a good one to binge listen to, or listen to when you don’t have a lot of time. What I like about Criminal over other true crime podcasts is that it’s very thoroughly researched and while given a human element, is presented cleanly, in that all the information is given without Judge’s personal interpretation overruling.
  7. Gilmore Guys. Similar to the Bustle podcast, i found this after looking for other people’s opinions after watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. These podcasts are super long, so I could listen to one while working without having to change. Demi and Kevin really analyse everything in the episode so it’s really detailed. Just make sure you free up 3-5 hours to listen to it!

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