Dreaming in Cinema

I really freaking love going to the cinema. I’ve always loved it. As a child it always felt like a really exciting treat for me; it was an event in which nearly anything could happen. The cinema was one of the reasons I started storytelling. I could always picture scenes in my stories and screenplays quite vividly: how they would be shot, how exactly lines of dialogue would be acted out.

During uni, I read some articles about audience theory. Critics such as Stowell thought that the act of watching a film in the cinema is similar to dreaming; very basically, you go into a dark, quiet room, and go into a trance like state while large, enhanced images are shown to you. You’re allowed to escape into a dreamlike fantasy world, which, like the act of dreaming, allows you to make sense of the situations you find yourself in and the word around you.

To me, this theory makes a lot of sense. No matter what genre of film I go to see, I come out feeling slightly sleepy and like I’ve come out of a trance-like experience. Cinema is for escapism, and linking escapism to dreams makes complete sense to me.




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