A Quick Note About The Cats

So the world seems to completely going to shit and it’s very scary, and I feel a lot of sympathy towards those who are being victimised by Trump. I don’t feel that I am informed enough to talk at length about this subject, so instead of opening a political discussion, I decided to attempt and add some happiness to the internet this afternoon with cats.

Einstein and Phoebe are both doing well. Now that they’ve completely settled in they’re starting to be a bit naughty…Phoebe likes to climb places where she knows she shouldn’t be and Einstein likes to cuddle up in my bed! We tried to make him a sleeping bag so he could have his own little space to hide, but he likes to sleep on top of it instead of inside it. There’s also the slight issue of them blending completely into shadows as they’re black and white-they’ve given us all multiple heart attacks from randomly appearing out of the shadows!

They seem to have picked humans: Phoebe’s favourite human is my sister and I am the only person Einstein will sleep cuddled up next to! Einstein also likes to come to work with me. I work at home and he likes to jump on my lap and ‘help me type’. Phoebe comes outside into the office and walks around a little but doesn’t usually settle. I listen to a lot of podcasts during work hours as it makes me feel less alone, and Einstein particularly likes a specific crime podcast called Criminal however, he will also tolerate My Favourite Murder and the Moana soundtrack.

They’ve been going outside a lot more recently. Phoebe got herself stuck in a small place this week, which meant I had to move lots of old, wet junk to rescue her, which she did not appreciate, bless her. Einstein has made a friend with another black and white cat today, which will be fun when trying to get them to come in during the evenings!

Lastly, some of my favourite sentences I have had to say to them:

  • ‘Stop playing with the toilet.’
  • ‘Get out of the freezer, it’s not a place you’re supposed to sleep.’
  • ‘Dave the Mechanic doesn’t want to hurt you, he just wants the car.’
  • ‘Stop sleeping on my reading pile.’
  • ‘Why are you insisting on eating bin bags? There’s nothing in there for you.’
  • ‘Oh, so you’re a spy now?’
  • ‘Einstein, you’ve pulled.’

P.S. we’re planning on setting a separate instagram account up for them soon!


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