That Time I Accomplished Everything (Writing Update #7)

It’s 22:22 as I’m writing this, everyone else in the house (except the cats) is in bed and I’m reflecting on this month.

For January I had three major creative goals: to edit my friend’s book, to edit all the remaining vlogs I had (from August onwards, oops) and to finish the first draft of my rom com tentatively named The Untitled Parisian Project. I finished editing the vlogs very early on in the month. I finished the book on the 17th. I finished the screenplay last night.

I’m so happy with this. As the screenplay is in first draft form, I know there is still a lot of work to do, however, I’m so proud of myself for doing this, and managing it, considering everything January chucked at me. The Untitled Parisian Project seemed remarkably easy to write, possibly the easiest thing I’ve ever written, which was surprising considering it’s so different to anything I’ve ever written before. My mum remarked that maybe it was exactly what I needed to write right now, and I think she’s right.

I also got a lot more done in January than I had allocated. I wrote a short, read two books and a graphic novel, saw Moana at the cinema, booked a somewhat spontaneous trip to Belgium and was finally able to stand up to my doctor and get the treatment for my thyroid that I need. I’m very proud of who I’ve been this month, and I’m very determined to keep this up.

I’ll see you after my blood test tomorrow.


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