New Years at Disneyland Paris

So I’m back from Disneyland Paris and it was an amazing trip! My sister and I went for 4 days, it was her first time in a hotel and we did most of the rides in Disneyland Park. We also had a major shopping spree…This is a very long post, I’m sorry!

Thursday 29th December 2016

We left London on the Eurostar at 10.15, and was checked into our hotel by 2.3o. We stayed in the Santa Fe, which was exciting by itself, as, even though we stayed in the Davy Crockett Ranch in 2004, it was our first proper hotel, and a Disney hotel at that! We were very impressed, the Cars theming was so good and detailed, and we enjoyed all the food we had there. I did feel that the buffet was quite expensive and I wasn’t impressed with the fact that you need to purchase a tea basket if you want hot drinks in your room, but the staff were all so lovely (even when I was asking silly questions) and made us feel so comfortable. I couldn’t fault them.

After checking in, we went to Parc Disneyland for a few hours. There’s something about entering the park and seeing Main Street for the first time that always reminds me of home; it makes my heart swell. After a few hours of rides and shopping, we had dinner at La Cantina at our hotel-an expensive but very tasty buffet-before having an early night.


30th December 2016

We had planned to spend the day in Walt Disney Studios park, but we should have known from the fog that greeted us that maybe our plans weren’t going to work! When we got to the park a lot of the rides were ever frozen over (it was around -3C the entire time we were there) or had technical difficulties, leading us to be kicked out of Art of Animation. However, we did get to see Cinemagique, which I thought was lovely, and Stitch Live, which was great and I highly recommend it.

Due to the lack of things to do, we went into the main park for the afternoon, and did rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the Railroad and it’s a Small World during the parades, although my sister did allow me to watch Disney Magic on Parade for the second time-I loved it!


31st December 2016

We decided to have the most epic Disneyland day ever. After breakfast at the hotel we rushed in to catch the Extra Magic Hour and managed to do 2 rides before waiting at Princess Pavilion. The day was a blur of shopping, and photo opportunities (because I am a child) and rides and parades.  I think we did most of the rides during our trip! We had to have a break midday after lunch at Toad Hall to drop off our purchases and calm down but as it was New Years, we decided to go for the fireworks. The show was somewhat underwhelming but the fireworks were amazing and there’s nowhere I would have rather been.


1st January 2017

We decided to give Walt Disney Studios another shot on our last day. The weather wasn’t quite as cold, but unfortunately the tram studio tour was still frozen over. We eventually got to see Art of Animation and we also met Spiderman! We had a nice couple of hours, but we lost interest pretty quickly, so we explored Disney Village one last time before heading into Parc Disneyland for a photo op with Marie and a massive photo session.

While we had a good time that day, the Eurostar ride home ruined it slightly. It seemed that the station was quite disorganised and perhaps not big enough, leading to corridors where people were just left to wait. I wish we had been given more information but there were not many staff around and our train left 20 minutes late. However, as we did travel back on a Sunday and a bank holiday I’m thinking this is probably not a regular occurrence.

Overall, I did really enjoy myself. I was quite disappointed with the Walt Disney Studios Park, but the actual Magic Kingdom made up for it, and the hotel was great, even though I had a little gripe with it. I’m so glad we went and it’s just made me hungry for new adventures!


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