Why New Years at Disneyland Paris?

So, we’re returned from our unusual (well, at least for us) New Years trip and I decided to write a couple of posts about our trip. This post is the second of three.

I decided in July that I wanted to do something special over the Christmas holiday. Over the last couple of years my family have suffered with a few bereavements, with one prominent one happening at the end of November and so, for the last few years, the Christmas period has been very upsetting for us. This year, I wanted it to be, if not completely happy, then at least happier.

My first idea was to go somewhere in Germany for a proper German Christmas market. As I went to university in Winchester, we were able to go to the Winchester Christmas market, a market we loved, for the last few years. However, while we would make a day of it in previous years with me coming home for Christmas on that day, it just wasn’t going to happen this year, leading to the idea of a German market. This seemed like a good idea until there was sadly a few tragic events happening within a few weeks in Germany, and I knew my parents would not be comfortable with that proposed trip. So I changed gears.

My family and I went to Orlando in July/August 2015 and we absolutely loved it. I could stay in that happy little Disney bubble forever. Our first day there we went to Magic Kingdom and caught the very end of Christmas in July, and it looked amazing. I had joked at the time that I was going back for Christmas to fully experience a Disney Christmas, and now seemed like the perfect opportunity. Originally I wanted to go just before Christmas, however, with my sister’s school and my parents’s work it would not work out, which lead to the amazing opportunity to go at New Years and send out the year in style!

Check back in a few days for the last post in my DLP trilogy!


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