Reflections on 2016

Thinking back over the year, it felt like I didn’t really do a lot, but on further reflection, it feels like I have. I decided to make a list to prove to myself how much I’ve actually done this year.

Life Goals
I got my degree. It wasn’t the mark I wanted, but I still got the degree. I also graduated in Winchester Cathedral, which was beautiful and was a big milestone for me.

I also got my first graduate job and it’s not in retail! I work from home and commute up north occasionally, and while I don’t want to be in this job forever, I enjoy it and it’s working out well for me so far.

Travelling wise, I went to Norwich, UK and spent a week there with friends, as well as spending a lot of time in London. I didn’t do anywhere near enough travelling this year so next year I’m going to do a lot more travelling around the UK, and hopefully a couple of international trips as well!

Cultural Goals
I went to the theatre quite a bit this year. In total I saw four shows: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Bromley, in March), Legally Blonde (Bromley, in May), Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (London West End, in July) and In The Heights (London West End, in November). I love going to the theatre but I don’t go nearly as much as I want to. I’m hoping to go to the theatre a lot more next year.

I went to the London Film Festival for the first time this year. This was one of the types of events that I’ve always wanted to go to and never have. I only got to 2 events and I wished I could do more, so next year I’m definitely going to do and see more events there.

I also went to the British Museum in November. It’s one of the biggest museums in London and I had never been! I didn’t have enough time to explore the entire museum, so I’m definitely going back next year!

Writing Goals
Writing wise, I did so much more than I have done in the last couple of years. Not only did I write an entire short script for Halloween (you can read it here), but I have two scripts (A TV series and a feature film) in different stages of planning, and I’m currently in the stage of writing the first draft of a romcom. And of course, my main work in progress, Iris, is now in it’s second edit, where this time last year it was just fragmented scenes, and not even a full script.

Looking back over 2016, I actually did quite a bit. I did so much more on some of my goals than I did on others, so next year I’m hoping to work a lot more on certain areas of my life. I’m excited for 2017, I’m going to make it a good year. What are your reflections on 2016?


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