A Night Out at Wakehurst Place…

Last night (17th December 2016) my family and I went to Wakehurst Place in West Sussex to experience Glow Wild. Glow Wild is a light festival event in which you explore the grounds of Wakehurst Place at night and see multicoloured lanterns and statues.

We had been to an event like this before last year at Kew Gardens which we had all really enjoyed. However, although Kew Gardens was lovely, it is in Richmond in London, which meant there is some light pollution. Wakehurst Place in Ardingly has no light pollution around it, which emphasised the lights, colours and0 shapes we could see slightly more.

We felt the event itself was lovely. The statues and lights used were very beautiful in the botanical garden and the use of lights around the ponds were very well done. We liked that we were given a colourful lantern to use as we walked around the trail; all the lanterns bobbing down the paths looked lovely and were somewhat reminiscent of a Disney film.  I thought that the lantern making workshop for children was a nice touch, and as we walked in and out of Wakehurst Place there were children excitedly showing off their lanterns.

We did, however, think there were things that could be improved on. Our main criticism was that, although it was lovely because there wasn’t light pollution, there was a lack of ambient light which sometimes made it hard to see the path in front of us. This wasn’t an issue for us, but we thought this may be a concern for disabled customers or small children. Furthermore, we felt that if there were more decorations in the surrounding trees, or maybe music, it may just slightly have enhanced the experience.

In the end, we felt that Glow Wild at Wakefield Place was a lovely and colourful way to spend a winter evening and we were all very glad we went.


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