Writing Update #5

Okay, since last time we talked there has actually been writing! Wow, it’s a Christmas miracle! (Jokes, jokes.)

A couple of days before the last writing update was posted I started having these really romantic daydreams. (Probably related to the wanderlust for Paris I wrote about here.) I decided to write them down and I realised there was a story in all of them put together, so I quickly came up with some characters and, based on these scraps of papers and ideas, a story started being born. It’s very different to anything I’ve written before, which will be good for a challenge. It’s a romcom set in three cities and three parts; London, Paris and Edinburgh, and the Edinburgh part is already written. I can already tell it’s not going to be my strongest script ever, but a little change can be good. I’m planning on getting a good couple of hours writing in in a day or so, so hopefully this can be written soon!

I haven’t done any more research on my vampiric demonic monarchy project (wow I really need to come up with better names for WIPs) becauseI’m struggling to find good sources that can actually help. That being said, I have bought two books based around these subjects recently, so I’m hoping soon I’ll get some time to sit down and immerse myself in research. I can’t wait!


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