It’s been nearly a month since we got Phoebe and Einstein, so I decided to write a short update on them.

Phoebe and Einstein have settled in well. The first day Phoebe was a little carsick from the hour long car journey we had and they hid under the living room sofa for hours. Einstein came out after a while to explore but we had to move the sofa to check on Phoebe. Luckily after that she decided to explore a little more and hasn’t hidden under the sofa since.

Since then they’ve settled in well. Phoebe steals everyone’s hearts by rolling around on the floor and Einstein is a nutter. There’s no other way to describe him, he goes hyper and he runs around and he likes to hide under the white throws on our sofa because he thinks no one can see him. We didn’t realise until a few days after we got them, but he has little vampire fangs! He plays rough, and we’ve got a few scratches and bites, but we love him anyway.

We’re having to buy loads of toys and a new scratching post as they have so much more energy than any cats we’ve had previously, although they are younger! They’re not really lap cats, which we were hoping for, but they are still very affectionate (Einstein’s sitting right next to me as I write this.).

They both like to hide, and while Phoebe’s favourite place is under my bed, Einstein’s is IN my bed, which is a behaviour we’re trying to stop. No matter how many ways into the bed I block off, he’s always managed to find another one so far…

Both cats have settled in really well and are definitely becoming part of the family. They’ve managed to charm everyone we meet, Phoebe especially, and we’re so excited for Christmas with them.


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