Writing Update #4

Hey. So…not much writing has gone on since we last talked.

I asked a few writer friends for feedback on Iris draft 2 (which I probably told you about?) and I’ve got that all back, so at some point I need to actually sit down and work on it…

I decided to write a short film script for Halloween in a few days, and although I technically finished it on 1st November, I’m still happy I managed it. Necrophobia is an 18 minute short supernatural horror film with body horror elements. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, maybe I’ll upload it here!

What I’ve mainly been doing recently is research for an alternate historical horror set in the Georgian era. The main character is a vampiric demon who interacts with the royal family of Britain, so there is so much research I have to do, and I’ve only just started. It feels like a never ending pit-every time I read something or make a decision, I find 3 other things I need to look up! I love this stage though, it’s easily my favourite part.

So this’ll probably be the last writing update of the year. I’ll promise I’ll do better next time we talk.


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