Thoughts on Gilmore Girls:A Year in the Life (Relatively spoiler free)

Let me say this first, this is not a review. Basically, like a lot of people, I binged the 4 episode long revival in 6 hours, however, I feel like some of the impact was lost on me a little. I literally have only just gotten through the series of Gilmore Girls; due to the magic of Netflix I’ve just seen it and finished the series 2 days before the revival was aired. As a result, I haven’t had to wait years for this resolution, and I don’t think it’s fair of me to review it like that.

That being said, I was disappointed somewhat by it. I won’t go on for ages about the infamous last four words except to say I’m not actually convinced those were the last four words, but in fact a ploy to get a second revival series. There, I said it! Although, if they were truly the last four words, it seems like a strikingly odd and out of place way to finish the story…

The main issue I had was with certain characters’ screen time and characterisation issues. Many beloved characters who I felt deserved a mini arc or at least more than 2 minutes of screen time (Mainly Jackson because we couldn’t have had Sookie and I wanted to hear about their story, and LANE, the sweet baby angel who was screwed over so massively and then screwed over AGAIN) didn’t get that and almost were cameos, which I felt took something away from the revival. What really disappointed me was how many characters’ characterisation seemed to suffer. Considering Logan’s actions in season 7, I didn’t feel that all his actions were logical for him regarding his family. The character I was most frustrated about however, was Rory. I didn’t have a problem was vagabond, traveller Rory. I didn’t have a problem with lost, confused Rory. I did have a problem with how she was written like she was manipulative and abrasive and that she had given up, because  I feel that original series Rory would have been disappointed to know she had grown up into that kind of a person.

While it seems like I must have hated it, I honestly really didn’t. I enjoyed a lot of it. I loved a lot of characters’ development, such as Paris and Kirk. Petal was lovely and I enjoyed the community aspect of it all. Kirk’s films will always make me laugh and Lauren Graham was superb; Lorelai’s story about Richard will always make me cry. I loved the little fights between Rory, Emily and Lorelai but by far the best part of the revival was Emily’s arc. I wondered how the dynamic and relationships would change now due to Edward Herrmann’s tragic death, but that was addressed respectfully in my opinion, and I loved how the show emphasised Emily’s feelings after his death, but also the fact that she could move on but he still be a big part of her. Emily Gilmore and her character development will always be the reason I’ll rewatch this series.

While I enjoyed the revival and it had many good points, I felt that the writing left questions and there were a lot of characterisation issues, however, I would rewatch it. 7/10




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