A Letter To My Sixteen Year Old Self

Dear Sarah,

Right now, you are 16 and the future is ahead of you. You’re young, you think you’re in love and the world is your oyster. You’re excited, and that is exactly what you should be.

You’re not quite prepared for it all yet. You think sixth form is going to be a breeze, but it won’t. You’ll work harder than you ever had before, and you won’t get the grades you want. There is nothing you can do about that. Accept it. It’ll save you stress and overthinking in the long run.

You think you’re going to university, and you’re right, you are. But you’re not going to do Psychology and become a criminal profiler, and you’re not going to do English Literature, and read loads of books in coffee shops. Well, you might still do that… You’ll go to a university you’ve never even heard of at this point to do a course you’ve just discovered. It’ll turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

You’ll spend afternoons watching films in university classrooms with friends, laughing and joking, and you’ll feel accepted.

That boy doesn’t love you, and he’ll hurt you more than you realise he can’t. But you’ll love again.

There will be a lot of tragedy and heartache and stress in the next few years and it’ll feel like it’s going to destroy you. It nearly will. You’ll make it through; it’ll be tough, but you’ll do it. You definitely share the stubbornness of your family.

You’re going to discover a love of travel. You still haven’t travelled a lot yet, but it’s giving you a reason to work harder and harder, and one day, you will.

If you could read this, Sarah from the past, know that there are tough times ahead, but you’re gonna make it.


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