Exciting News!

I have some exciting news!

I have always grown up with cats. Originally, my parents has two beautiful Persians called Sasha and Tiffany who I grew up with. Sasha died while I was a child and Tiffany died while I was in my early teens. She lived to 18 years old and was the grumpiest cat ever; she was great. A year after Tiffany died, my family went to a charity owned rescue centre near where we lived and adopted two more cats. Pebbles was a very vocal ginger domestic short hair who loved to eat anything she could get her paws on, and Tabitha was a very sweet tabby domestic shorthair with the tinest meow I’ve ever heard. We loved them very much, but they were about 11 years old when we adopted them and although we had a good few years with them,Pebbles got very ill and they both died quite traumatically in 2014. We decided to have a break from pets for a while after that.

Last week, my family and I took a trip to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. It’s one of the more famous pet adoptions places in the UK, although my family had never gone to look at adopting a pet there. We left with two beautiful black and white domestic shorthair cats, and we’re all so happy.


Their names are Phoebe and Einstein, and they’re fitting in really well. Phoebe is 4, the youngest cat we’ve ever had, and is quite a delicate little lady. She spent most of the first day hiding underneath our living room sofa, but is now very comfortable around us. She likes to sit next to you and tap your arm with her paw when she wants attention.


Einstein is 5, and doesn’t quite live up to his name. He’s not the most intelligent, which is being demonstrated as I write this. He’s attempting to get up onto the sofa from underneath the throw we have and is meowing that he’s caught under the throw. He’s still a bit wary of the doorbell, and he has a lot of energy, but he’s a lovable goofball and he knows it.

This house has never quite felt like a home without pets and they’ve definitely added something to our household. The only thing to worry about now is attempting to put the Christmas tree up in a few weeks; with their energy, they’re likely to have it down in hours!


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