The Most Overwhelming Day

Today I was going to see In The Heights at Kings Cross Theatre, but I also did a lot of other interesting things, so I thought I’d tell you completely about my day!

So there was the usual train drama (ugh, Southern…) and work stuff, but when I finally got into London, the fun began! Because I came into London on a different train to usual, I came into St Pancras International, which was handy as I needed to know how long that route is for an adventure next month! Next to St Pancras is Kings Cross station, where the Harry Potter shop at Platform 9&3/4 is. I popped in there to buy a couple of Christmas presents, and debated lining up to take a picture running to the platform, but I ultimately changed my mind.

As I had a few hours to kill, I decided to walk around in the British Library. I saw a brief but nice exhibition about Victorian entertainment before seeing the biggest exhibition: Treasures of the British Library. It was so interesting, there were so many different texts there such as the Gutenberg Bible. I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get to see the Magna Carta, but that just means that I’ll have to go again.

I then decided to walk to the British Museum in Bloomsbury. It’s the only major London museum I haven’t been to! Unfortunately, I only saw most of the ground floor, which means I just have to go back… I got to see so much, I saw a lot of Egyptian artefacts and the Rosetta Stone, as well as seeing a special exhibition about Egyptian sunken cities, which was really interesting. I kinda wish I’ve spend my whole day there!

The conclusion to this interesting day was going to see In The Heights at the Kings Cross theatre. If you want to read a review of this musical, click here. In my opinion, whilst it wasn’t my favourite musical ever, it was so fun and I really enjoyed it. I’m considering seeing it again!

So here it was, the most overwhelming day ever. Have you had any good days out recently?



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