Why I Picked a Film Studies Degree

I’ve been doing a lot of job and volunteering applications recently, which means, as I’ve just left university, I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about my degree. I have a degree in Film Studies, which apparently is quite unusual.

This often leads to the question of why did I pick Film Studies? Film Studies is the analytical and critical reading of films, almost like English Literature with films instead of books. I’ve always enjoyed analytical work, and originally I was going to do an English Literature degree. (Once upon a time I wanted to be a primatologist, but that’s a story for another time) However, I was doing my A Levels during this time and although I took Film Studies on a gamble, it was turning out to be my favourite subject. At the Open Days I attended I felt myself more drawn to films over books, and so I applied for both English and Film degrees. Looking back, I’m so glad I picked Film Studies over English Literature; it opened a passion in me I didn’t know existed.

So why pick Film Studies? It’s a bit different than an English Literature degree but due to its similarity it still has many of the same transferrable skills. You can explore different cultures through their national cinemas, which if you can’t afford to travel gives you a taste! Through my Film Production modules I also found out that I love writing scripts, although I don’t enjoy the process of making films. Film Studies ties into history, politics, geography and lots of other subjects. Film reflects the society in which it is made, which is why I find it so fascinating.


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