Tales from University Life

University is a great, magical, odd place where sometimes the weirdest things can happen and you acquire some of the most amazing stories of your life.

There was that time my housemates from halls and I had a massive mashed potato fight where mashed potato ended up over the walls, over the furniture, over us! I won, obviously…

There was that time some of my friends from Comic Book Society and I went to a pub called the Hobbit (yes, like the JRR Tolkien Hobbit) and after a couple of very alcoholic drinks I accidentally called someone a whore. This guy is now one of my best friends, by the way. We laugh about this a lot.

I once did a major presentation to my class about the presentation of anthropomorphic dogs in the ‘Wallace and Gromit’ filmography, which isn’t something everyone can say they’ve ever done.

I had some hysterical times in our screenings for my Contemporary European Cinema and Australian Cinema modules, in that Vincent Cassel and David Gulpilil started to become weird idols for us.

And there was also that one time that my friend and I met up for coffee and left the cafe 2 hours later with a plan to go to Paris four months later…

But I also have some bad stories. One time I was spiked in my flat, which made me really ill. I had a run in with a near constantly drunk guy on my film production module, and I had constant mental battles, but in the end, university is a fond experience for me to remember, rather than bad.

I have so many other stories to share, so maybe this will become a series. Let me know if you enjoyed reading these.







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