A Parisian Dream…

Last May, I went to Paris with my friend Ivy. Originally, this post half existed on my other blog, but since that blog has been deleted, I decided to revive my holiday memories, and this post, here. We went for 12 days, and it was my first real experience travelling without my parents or an authority figure. While I’ve been to Paris before, I was with a school trip, and we hardly saw anything, so I wanted to be the ultimate tourist! Here’s a very quick rundown of our itinerary…

Be warned, this post is very picture heavy!

Day 1

  • Arrival in Paris

Day 2

  • Explored Basilica de Sacre-Coeur (which our hostel was literally about 5 minutes away from!)
  • Walked through Le Marais
  • Musee Carnavalet
  • Saw Notre Dame

Day 3

  • Shakespeare and Company
  • Walked through the Latin Quarter
  • Had ice cream at Berthillon
  • Saw the Roman Arena
  • Musee de L’Armee and Tombeau de Napoleon
  • Got a peek at the Eiffel Tower!

Day 4

  • Lazy morning at the hostel
  • Little bit of shopping before…
  • A guided tour of the Louvre!

Day 5

  • Writing in a Parisian cafe
  • Massages and manicures
  • Saw the Moulin Rouge and old Montmartre
  • Musee de la Vie Romantique

Day 6

  • Explored Pere LaChaise (the cemetery)
  • Musee D’Orsay
  • A guided haunted tour of Paris

Day 7

  • Paris Catacombs
  • Shakespeare and Company
  • Bertie’s Cupcakery (yum!)

Day 8

  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Shopping Spree at Champs-Elysees!
  • Posh wine-tasting

Day 9

  • Climbed the towers of Notre Dame
  • Shakespeare and Company
  • Small shopping spree

Day 10

  • Jardin de Luxembourg

Day 11

  • Lazy morning
  • Shopping spree
  • Cocktails!

Day 12

  • Seine River Cruise

Day 13

  • Souvenir shopping
  • Coming home

We did a lot in the end! (Went inside 3 churches/cathedrals, 7 museums, 4 times at Shakespeare and Company as Ivy was obsessed with the place, 5 times seeing Notre Dame in some capacity, 24 snails consumed…) And although we didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower, we still saw a lot of it!

I also had a lot of new experiences on this trip.

  1. Tried sushi
  2. Tried escargot
  3. Had green tea for the first time
  4. Tried red wine for the first time
  5. Went on a fancy lunch cruise
  6. Went travelling without a plan
  7. Didn’t go travelling with a parental/authority figure
  8. Got a story specially written for me by someone
  9. Wore a flower crown
  10. Stayed in a hostel
  11. Had a massage
  12. Had a full on allergic reaction
  13. Was a proper tourist

and many more!

I’ve learnt so much on that trip, not only about Paris, but about myself as a person as well. I not only learnt trivial things, but I really had time to reflect about how I’ve changed and grown in the last few years or so. Even a year before this trip I never would have even dreamed of going anywhere without my parents, and now I want to travel everywhere! I definitely have the wanderlust bug…

And to finish off, here’s some of the best pictures from my trip.  Enjoy!












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