Happy Bi-visibility Day 2016!

Happy Bi-visibility day 2016!

This day always makes me feel a little bit happier. It’s the one day I feel completely like my sexuality is valid and that I’m completely part of the LGBTQIA* community.

I hear a lot that, because I’m bisexual, my sexuality is a phase, or I’m not queer enough. My sexuality is often erased in conversations about LGBTQIA* topics because my only long term relationship was with someone who identified as male. I’ve never been to a Pride event, not because I’m not proud of my sexuality, but because I’m scared and worried I’m not considered ‘queer’ enough.

The celebration on social media of Bi-visibility day, especially after all the heartache the LGBTQIA* communities have faced this year, is allowing me to feel so much more secure as a bisexual person, and that hopefully bi-phobia will soon be a thing of the past.


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