Things to be proud of.

My secondary school played Heather Small’s ‘Proud’ at every assembly. At the time the song always annoyed me, but now I realise they were playing it in a attempt to raise our self esteem and to make us feel proud about what we were achieving.

Recently I finished my last year at university. I passed with a high 2:2 and I was devastated. I thought I had ruined everything; my chances of a good graduate job or getting into a Masters were now nil to none. Fortunately for me, I have some amazing friends who gave me a kick up the backside, and one of them suggested writing a list of things I achieved in university that I deserve to be proud of. So, this post is for Amy.

  1. I actually got a degree. Nearly everyone expected me to drop out in my first semester and go back home, but I made it and actually got my degree.
  2. I lived with some really awful housemates and survived. Oh, the stories I could tell…
  3. I ran in an election and helped run a university society in my second year. I’ve always been terrified of public speaking, so the speech I had to give to be elected was difficult for me, but I did it!
  4. I was very mentally ill for about a year and a half, and I almost didn’t make it. It was only help from my friends and the NHS that I made it out.
  5. I overcame my fear of going to the doctors. Still working on the fear of blood tests but at least I don’t cry anymore…
  6. I lived independently and learnt how to function as a human without my parents. And that means paying bills. And that makes me sad.
  7. I got my first job at university (in retail, ugh).
  8. I learnt to cook and bake, which are things I love to do.
  9. I went on my first holiday without my parents. My friend Ivy and I went to Paris in May 2015 for our first holiday ‘without adults’ and it was absolutely amazing.
  10. I started so many independent projects. I started two YouTube channels and wrote an eBook!

There are probably more, although I can’t think of them right now. Maybe I’ll write an updated list one day.


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