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If you’ve somehow stumbled onto this tiny part of the internet, then I welcome you. My name is Sarah, and I’ve recently graduated from the University of Winchester, UK. My degree is in Film Studies, which is basically English Literature but with films, if you didn’t know. If you haven’t guessed by the previous sentence, I really love films.

During my time at university I did a module on Screenwriting and I loved it, so much that I write as much as I can. I’d also like to consider doing a masters degree around scriptwriting, if I possibly can.

I also discovered an interest in travel during this time. In my second year of university I not only travelled to Paris with a friend, but also had an amazing two weeks in Orlando with my family. Living so close to London also allows me to have so many adventures close to home but I hope to be having adventures in other countries as well soon!




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  1. Hi Sarah! My name’s Gabi and I’ve just visited the Winchester open day!! I’m looking to do the Film studies and production course, so if you have any useful info at all on what it’s like, so far I’ve heard so many good things! Also any tips for getting ready for Uni?(Personal statement is really getting me worried lately) But glad to here there’s yet another person who has been to, and enjoyed Winchester 🙂


    1. Hi Gabi! So glad you’ve looked at Winchester, I really loved it. My personal statement was tailored towards joint English Lit and Film Studies courses, so I would say make sure your personality and passion shines through. And Winchester is great, I loved most of the tutors and in second and third year you can take modules from other courses as well, I did screenwriting which was production and the tutor Bernard was so inspiring! They’ve also added a load of new modules starting from this year and I was so jealous, they all looked so good! I hope you get in and have a great time and you can always ask me questions if you want. Good luck!


      1. Thank you so much! That’s very re-assuring, really excited about the prospect of studying there now! How did you find screenwriting by the way? I really enjoyed it at A-level but it was a very small project, did you have to write a feature length script?


      2. I loved Screenwriting. The tutor, Bernard, is the nicest person ever and really helped me out as I was going through a lot of mental health stuff at the time. He also has amazing stories! If I remember correctly, we wrote about half an hour for the final project because it was just a module but film production studies can write a feature for the final year project if they want 🙂


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